Career Path

The path you take when embarking upon your career can mean all the difference to your opportunities and professional future. At Q Holding, we nurture each employee’s capabilities, encouraging them to innovate and grow, both on an individual level and as a team member. Becoming part of the Q Holding family is more than just an excellent start to your career: it’s an incredible foundation on which to build resilience, work ethics, and determination; all attributes that we believe set us apart as a holding company.

Career Growth

Our culture is rooted in our core principles, of which growth is a major component: growth in mind, talent, mental strength, success and achievement.
At Q Holding, we strive to support you in evolving your career in new and meaningful ways that set you on an upward trajectory in all things you wish to tackle.
Diversity: Our commitment to diversity is realized through tailored initiatives and strategies that are designed to attract, develop and advance top talent on the basis of merit alone. We believe that a high-performing culture is a diverse one: a tapestry of achievements created by the talents and determination of every single individual and what they bring to the table.
The capabilities of UAE nationals is something we are committed to nurturing and growing. We believe that with the knowledge-sharing opportunities, experience building and mentorship we provide at Q Holding, UAE nationals are fully able to achieve not only their dreams of success, but the nation’s long-term vision of being a globally competitive professional destination where residents and citizens are the worldwide cream of the crop.


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